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We now offer mail-in services for Fender Rhodes & Wurlitzer Preamps/Amplifiers

We offer recapping and re-chipping as well as repair services for many of the most common preamps and amplifiers for both the Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer. Rhodes models include both the Janus and Peterson active preamps as well as power amplifiers. Wurlitzer models include both the solid state amplifiers like the 200 and 200A but also the tube amplifiers like the 120 and 140 models.

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Serving Mid-Missouri, Kansas City and St. Louis

Serving Mid-Missouri, Kansas City and St. Louis

Shop & On-Site Service and Repair

Instruments / Equipment: 

  • Pianos - action repair, string repair, restringing, key regulation, sound board repair, hammers and felts (we do not fine tune or refinish)

  • Electric Pianos - Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Yamaha CP

  • Organs - Hammond B3 & C3, Lowrey, Farfisa

  • Electronics - preamps, amplifiers, keyboards, audio compressors & power supplies

Service Area and Shop: We are located in the very middle of Missouri. We accept instruments for repair in our shop from anywhere but will travel as far as St. Louis or Kansas City depending on the situation. We're also happy to offer remote phone assistance for free within reason.

Rates: We try to work with every budget so if you can't afford our triple diamond platinum wash and buff - it's cool, we can probably still help. Just give us a ring.

  • Studio Repair Rate: $45/hr

  • Onsite / Traveling Repair Rate: $60/hr

A quick FYI: In our experience the biggest improvement in terms of sound quality comes not from re-capping (unless of course there's an issue with the caps) but re-chipping. Replacing the onboard 4558's used in the Janus preamp with really any decent modern op amp gives a much more clear, present and open sound to the preamp. In our Janus upgrade we install sockets so that op-amps can be interchanged. We typically use a Burr Brown OPA2134 but many many other op amps do quite well. If you're a bit uneasy desoldering op-amps, let us do it for you. We have professional desoldering stations and turn around for already working preamps needing upgrades is very quick.

If you’re ever thinking of recording your Rhodes with the Janus preamp - put in a better op-amp, it’s well worth the trouble.