Avion Studios

Premium Parts & Service for Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hammond and more


Local – If you live in the Missouri area we offer a great place to record. We're located in the very middle of Missouri about twenty minutes from the interstate. 

Recording Gear – Our gear is often changing but there are certain things we always have at hand.

5+ vocal mics to choose from.

For example: Neumann TLM 103, Mojave Audio, Rhode Classic II, Bock 251, Neumann U87)

15-20 instrument mics (Sovtek, AKG 451, Sennheiser 900 series, Shure 91, Neumann, M-Audio, Shure Beta etc) 

48 Channels of quality preamps, compressors and EQs.

32 Channels AD/DA HD Lynx Aurora


Studio Instruments – Obviously we have some great keyboards but we also have a good mix of other instruments.

These includes a number of high-end snares and cymbals. Excellent amps. And a nice selection of stringed instruments.

Rates – Rates start at $40/hr but packages are available. Recording and mixing are the same rate and we do not master. We have several mastering houses we work with that are excellent.


Live Sound

Big or small.

Big or small.

Live Sound – Our staff have decades of experience running sound in a variety of venues. From intimate weddings to large concert venues we can not only staff these events but we own 99% of the equipment we use in all our live sound work.

Gear – We have a number of gear packages to suit most live events. From music venues to weddings to corporate events. We can provide a small rig for a single speaker in a modest room. Or we can provide a full sized PA with 32 premium channels, monitors and full effect packages.

Bands – Sound your absolute best when it matter. Over 2000 live sound gigs collectively. We've worked every style of music and in almost any venue imaginable.


Weddings – First off, we don't overcharge for weddings. We think it's ridiculous that the price for a normal event doubles as soon as you say it's a wedding. We've worked almost a hundred weddings with impeccable service and sound quality.

Corporate Events  – Big or small we can handle it. Our team has worked on gigs for Microsoft, MGM, Sony, Pepsi and more.  

Charity – Happy to help. We try to offer at least partial donation for every non-profit event.